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Indeed Labs

In 2011 Indeed Labs launched the first skin cream specifically designed for flawless and photo-ready skin in just a few seconds. This was a game changing innovation. Nanoblur surpassed every industry standard by delivering a next generation solution to a real need of our time. A high-performing product, with quality ingredients, at an affordable price, that really works!

What woman doesn't appreciate a simple, accessible alternative to all the over-complicated, more expensive products that don't even deliver what they say? Indeed Labs keeps its promise. And so revolutionary skincare was born!

Indeed Laboratories is a Canadian based company with worldwide distribution and remains committed to targeted, high quality formulas that address specific problems with maximum results. Indeed Labs believes that every skin need is unique and encourages every woman to find her own beauty.

Indeed Labs' products are very responsible:

  • Are not tested on animals.
  • Are free of parabens.
  • Are free of perfume.
  • Give ultimate hydration to the skin.
  • Ensure healthier-looking skin.
  • Are suitable for all skin types.

By now Indeed Labs is an established brand in the Netherlands and is sold at a large number of stores. All products are also available at Douglas online, Ici Paris XL online and Little Wonderland.

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